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Various things

How odd it is to watch 24 and see Quentin Travers trying to overthrow the US government and Gavin Park running around in fatigues with Jack Bauer. There is fic just there. Still waiting to watch Chosen again, and write … Continue reading

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Days of my life

The only day things happened this week was Wednesday – oh and I saw The Matrix Reloaded on Monday, but that was merely an OK experience rather than something that really happened. So, Wednesday. I spent most of the morning … Continue reading

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Thinking of the good times that I’ve wasted having good times

There is the good time you are having and the good time you might be having somewhere else, and the certainty that both will end. This is a general truth about life, but it is also something that quite often … Continue reading

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Roz’s probably inaccurate theories about Spike and S5

What follows is all pure speculation and my record on predicting where the Mutant Enemy group mind is going is patchy at best. Still

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Immortal on a bar stool

There really is a first time you do everything, and just when you think nothing else is going to come up, you get to do something else. My friend Amanda rang me the other week and said that her friend … Continue reading

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Various stuff written in an attempt to stop myself playing Civilization

I spent most of today reading the second and third Jacqueline Carey novels – Kushiel’s Chosen and Kushiel’s Avatar. Which have many things to recommend them and not least is the fact that they are their own slash fiction. Kushiel’s … Continue reading

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What I did when I should have been doing almost anything else

The oddest thing about the Hundred Worst Britons is the extent to which Fat is now one of the major things people disapprove of, that and being old. As someone who is both, I find this vaguely depressing. Luckily, I … Continue reading

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