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Tired and sort of happy…

After the nightmare that is formatting things out of old versions of Word Perfect and Word into Word as a single huge document, I delivered the book at 4 pm. I was worried about length – Philippa had said 100 … Continue reading

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Another Sunday Night

Well, before I let myself sleep tonight, I will have finished updating my article as far as Buffy goes. Angel tomorrow and Tuesday and then all I have to do is go over everyone else’s pieces and 2nd edition will … Continue reading

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Just as a placemarker while I get work done

You are a siren. What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

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Jumping bandwagons

Yes, I know… But these are nonetheless cooler than a cool thing. kaveney v. to intentionally enjoy a piercing. “‘Scuse me while I kaveney, Kelly.” rozk interj. a retort used to warn someone to back away. “You’d better rozk, Jesse.” … Continue reading

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Rich tapestry and all that

Ritual is almost unbearably poignant when we invent it for ourselves. At the end of Andy’s funeral today, his widow Julia got up with her two small children and walked to the coffin and pulled flowers from a vase and … Continue reading

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Kitsune’s Interview and one or two other points

I did not entirely believe what I was hearing when, during a flick across to 24 during the ad break on Six Feet Under that got a bit extended, I heard Jack Bauer tell the idiot child Kim, when he … Continue reading

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Someone else’s problems are better than your own

Here is the first chunk of the 5 untrue things about Cordy in a very rough cut, which has probably not got enough contractions. I will take a notebook on the train to my aunt’s funeral – bleak moods are … Continue reading

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