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Oh. that’s what a good movie is like.

There are works of art you find yourself experiencing for the first time. And it is like you always knew what they were like – that knowledge was always there. This is the reason why sometimes they feel like they … Continue reading

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Weekends can be fun after all

And suddenly hot Summer London is just cool enough to be bearable and actually quite fun, while still too hot actually to do much work. I spent far too much of it allowing pandarus inveigle me into showing off, with … Continue reading

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Not just the heat

The absence of entries from me over the last week is not just a symptom of heat-stroke and wanting it to be cold and rainy and damp that chills my bones rather than this perpetual sweat and burn and air … Continue reading

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On being quite angry

In a sense, none of this is any of my business. I have not been a religious believer in any meaningful sense for three decades and my spirituality, such as it is, is a combination of vague hope that there … Continue reading

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And just when I thought the Sunday papers were dull

This is going to be a short post because I stumbled and banged my paw which makes typing less fun. But I absolutely totally have to record my incredulity that Fiona McTaggart, MP for Slough and something junior at the … Continue reading

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Stupid Roz, how could I have missed this?

This is all about Angel Season Five and I would post it to Stonecutters, but it is actually about Him. And how the new spoilers work…

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