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This was the first one…

I linked to this a couple of weeks ago, when I posted it as a comment in ‘s journal. But I think it is probably the best of the three and it belongs here with the two new ones. For … Continue reading

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And yet another poem for Katie

I start to feel that I have a sense of who Bertha P was. The thing about verse translation is that you have to try and inhabit the mind of the poet a bit, and that means a certain contact … Continue reading

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Another poem for Katie Viecelli

I willed this. Cold and pale and shamed Under the churchyard lawn, You lie, who were all spotless once, A lily in the winds of dawn

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A week that needed catching up on

Sometimes I just don’t feel like posting, which means that, when I eventually do, there are a score of topics waiting to be dealt with. So, in no particular order: 1. Roz’s great trip up North, in which I saw … Continue reading

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Fun things I used to do

I spent much of the morning doing a verse translation of some German verse I found in spacetart‘s lj and reflected how long it had been since I used those particular muscles. When I was sick in hospital twenty years … Continue reading

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Monday morning avoiding work

Several things. 1) We have been having hot water problems over the last week – which have now been resolved, thank heaven and you very much. Yesterday, I repaid our friend Simon for his letting us use his shower and … Continue reading

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