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No real excuse, just indolence and housecleaning

I’ve just been watching the first fifty scariest moments, which sensibly included things like the Protect and Survive animated public service announcement about what to do in the even of an atomic war, as well as bits of Night of … Continue reading

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Sunday, before Intolerable Cruelty

So, ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’…

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Fortean weirdness

Engaged as I am in a major clean and tidy of my flat – so overdue, everyone sighs with relief – odd things show up. Old frocks for one thing – was I really that thin twenty years ago? The … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about Angel 3.3

Obviously, I haven’t seen the episode yet, and have only read the wildfeed, and everyone’s speculations, but here’s a spoiler speculation thought that occured to me.

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So now we know…

I make no apologies for banging on about the Anglican church row, because I think it is symptomatic of more dangerous tendencies in the relationship between faith communities and society at large. After all, Richard Mellon Scaife does not fund … Continue reading

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And just one thing more

Reading all the comments on my previous post, there is one thing that unites former believers with believers and that is the knowledge of how it feels to have religion in your life. It’s interesting to read people like kabukivice … Continue reading

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Roz’s huge rant about Christianity and homosexuality

What follows is not so much an exposition as a self-discovery – I am writing in order to find out what I think rather than to express a position I have solidly worked out in advance. And not all of … Continue reading

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