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This is a horribly cheesy idea

I’ve been thinking about jennyo‘s smart ideas about where ‘Angel’ is going this series and worrying that her ideas are just too smart in a way. Specifically, her plotting of the removal of Cordelia after episode 12 is probably not … Continue reading

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The new shadow Home Secretary is arguing for the return of the death penalty for cold- blooded, planned killing. He says that serial killers would be obvious examples – which raises the interesting question of whether serial killers necessarily plan … Continue reading

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Another chunk of fic

Once this is up, I shall go off and put up a post about ID cards, which I have been thinking about for days. It says something very worrying about me that, when there is a big political issue, about … Continue reading

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Truth in advertising

I was chatting earlier to a middle-of-the-road, ie only quite reactionary, Christian friend, about the bishoping of Gene Robinson. And he said that one of his problems was that he felt Robinson had edited his ex-wife and daughters out of … Continue reading

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Moments at which I really wish I had it in me to pretend to be a Christian

I finally got round to reading this week’s New Statesman and Andrew Stephens (their US correspondent) predicts that Dubya will make gay marriage an important issue in the 2004 election. And it occurs to me that what such an election … Continue reading

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This is an Angel spoiler so minuscule that only absolute commitment to protocol makes me hide it behind a cut.

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