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The predictable short message from someone not currently updating as much as they should

Happy Christmas/holidays to all of you…

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No, not even him

I am so busy being appalled over the position of various former Lefty anti-racists on what are now being called asylum seekers, but used to be called refugees, that I almost forgot to post about the capture of Saddam. (Though … Continue reading

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A thought which sometimes strikes me

There are people, some of them on my friends list, whom I ought to know and ought to have met, and who it feels like I know, even though I don’t. It is at times like this that I worry … Continue reading

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Pimping a fandom many of you will never know….

Some of you share this obsession – and yes, I am talking about you, kitsune79, and you, dolores. Those of you who are in the US or elsewhere will probably never see it and some of the Brits just don’t … Continue reading

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Bandwagon time

There are a lot of people on my friends list that I don’t actually know – I’ve friended some of you because random sweeps of your journals piqued my interest. I want to know more about all of you. And … Continue reading

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Sometimes I just geek out as if I had never been a proper mainstream literary intellectual. And lie on the sofa reading Fray and listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, when I should have been reading a major … Continue reading

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Remixing and old stories and stories near to my heart

I was busy appending some nonsense of my own to the latest brilliant installment of jennyo‘s mediaeval romance, when the disc I was listening to came up with something familiar. Which was a sudden shock of recognition, because it was … Continue reading

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