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Cautionary tale about being Roz

Sometimes you can be too clever for your own good. The Guardian has a Saturday quiz, which we always do, and the second half of the quiz asks you to sort out what various things have in common. Today, one … Continue reading

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Not tired of life

This evening started badly – a group of us went to a screening of what has to be the worst sketch show ever, ‘Sweet and Sour’ which is an attempt to copy the ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ format with Chinese British … Continue reading

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No surprise

Reading, on various sites but especially Andrew Sullivan’s blog, the anguished cries of gay Republicans who feel betrayed, as well they might, over the Bush proposal for an anti-gay marriage amendment, I do find myself saying ‘What on earth did … Continue reading

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When Roz didn’t meet Aly

It was never very hopeful, when you think about it.

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Best of all possible worlds, or maybe not

My annoyance with the WB is not just about the cancellation of ‘Angel’ – it is about the duplicity which led them effectively to guarantee the show’s survival when talking about setting up ‘Dark Shadows’ and when celebrating the 100th … Continue reading

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Small political question from a foreigner

After reading a lot about the whole question of GWB and his national guard service – a good summary is the one at Calpundit on – I find myself thinking that the real question is not the one everyone … Continue reading

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The wondrousness of Jen and why Warner Bros are idiots

I will wait a while before saying anything about Cancellation, except that I am very very annoyed with the WB’s attempt to pre-empt protest by saying ‘la la, Angel is so wonderful that we are cancelling its ass. And we … Continue reading

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