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Finding stuff to say

My uncharacteristic silence is partly to do with ongoing blues about Selena and partly to do with my total hatred of hot weather. It isn’t even as if I were snowed under with work or getting on with other projects … Continue reading

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Getting back into the habit with a meme

So, now I am a movie critic as part of what I do for a living, I need to be aware of the holes in my knowledge – and actually, all this one proves is that I know recent popular … Continue reading

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Message from Selena’s parents

To: all Selena’s on-line friends and other friends as well. From: Jenny Ulrich (Selena’s mother) Warm thanks to Daniel Milford-Cotton for gathering entries about Selena on his hournal and printing them out for me to keep. Thanks also to all … Continue reading

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Selena Practicalities

There are a lot of things in train to keep Selena’s memory green. All of these things are OK with her parents, who are keen on what we are doing. dolores is contacting LJ about preserving her journal kitsune76 spintrian … Continue reading

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More arrangements for Wednesday

Sel’s friend Mehran will be at Brighton station from 9 a.m. to make sure everyone knows how to get to the cemetery. He will have a cardboard sign that says ‘Selena’. Could anyone who is arriving significantly before 9 a.m. … Continue reading

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