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Oh, god, is it a week already?

There really is no excuse for this – I’ve had lots of things to talk about and somehow everything gets shoved back on the grounds that I really need time to talk about most of them. Procrastination’r’us. Part of the … Continue reading

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Due to idiocy and incompetence on my part, I failed to tape The Bill this evening. Can anyone supply me with a reasonably detailed synopsis so that my life will become worth living?

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Shininess, slashiness

Got to see ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ and was pleasantly surprised that it had people in it as well as the most amazing 1930s techno-paradise ever seen on screen. The plot is splendid pulp nonsense of course, … Continue reading

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An eye for an eye makes the world blind

It worries me that various people, discussing the brutality of the police towards the pro-hunt demonstrators in Parliament Square, have said, roughly ‘Oh well, people like that will not have objected to police brutality against miners so it doesn’t matter.’ … Continue reading

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Just went to see ‘Collateral’ which is a very superior thriller in which Tom Cruise is quite surprisingly good. I know he can be good, because I have seen him be good before, but I somehow still never expect it … Continue reading

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What matters

For work, I’ve just been reading an abridgement of the journals of Charles Greville, a politician and courtier whose career runs from the end of the Napoleonic wars through to the end of the Crimean war. He reminds me of … Continue reading

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Things I didn’t say yesterday

The feeling in my bones is not rational and is not based on polls or a sense of where the US public is going – it is that hideous numbness that crept over me each time Thatcher was re-elected and … Continue reading

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