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Lots and lots of bits and pieces

I lost much of the last week to various attempts to sort out my e-mail, which is not working even though the rest of the computer is. I’ve been into webmail and purged everything that looks dodgy, but to no … Continue reading

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Thanks to the assistance of my friend Simon of and the lovely paratti I have my machine again and all is seemingly well. Apparently my DVD drive had gone down and taken everything else with it…

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Back again for a second

Teresa has a brilliant post on Republican mindsets here: There are times when I feel completely intellectually inadequate next to that stunning and brilliant woman… Meanwhile, over in the Department of Broken Logic, Alan Keyes, the Republican candidate for … Continue reading

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Service may be liable

As anyone who talks to me on AIM knows, my machine has become prone to unpredictable freezes. Accordingly, I am taking it in for a service and may not be around for a couple of days. I shall miss you … Continue reading

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And finally, some fic.

This is the story I was trying to write for Selena when she was in hospital. And I really miss having her to tell me where it’s gone squishy. Still, sometimes the important thing is that you finally get something … Continue reading

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Poetry Thing

An utterly charming, if disreputably misogynist, poem by Yeats, from memory… Never give all the heart, for love will hardly seem worth thinking of to passionate women, if it seem certain, and they never dream that it dies out from … Continue reading

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Well, there’s a thing

I hadn’t thought this was actually going to happen, but it seems that I am actually going to be attending the Spike/Angel thrash at York Hall, Halloween weekend. Jane Espenson has agreed to take part in a panel on the … Continue reading

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