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I explained last night to stellanova all about how fannishness is an activist and democratizing approach to the consumption of popular culture. So I feel able to get away with squeeing like fury about all sorts of objects of devotion … Continue reading

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Two snippets on Sunday

No time for a proper entry, but two things amused me today. One is that the senior civil servant charged with setting up an enquiry into whether or not David Blunkett (the Home Secretary) acted corruptly over getting a residence … Continue reading

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And just as a follow-up…

In an interview with the Independent, Isabelle Huppert mentioned a deleted scene from I Heart Huckabees which makes explicit that her character, and the Lily Tomlin/Dustin Hoffman couple, have sexual history as a threesome. Which means that, as far as … Continue reading

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When correctly viewed

Sometimes I worry about myself, only not enough. I saw two films today, and one last night, and all of them were vastly slashier in my head than was presumably intended. Well, that does not wholly apply to ‘Saved’ because … Continue reading

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It’s anti-bullying week

I meant to do this earlier in the week, but being bullied at school is part of my life and something I survived.

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Really not an attempt to incite religious hatred…

But the sort of thinking which, one worries, may stop being expressable in public.

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While you wait for a proper post from me, can anyone tell me of a product that will clean pink suede Docs that I have not work for a while and which have got beyond gray and dusty? It’s one … Continue reading

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