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Bunny from Hell

I’m writing the whole Dawn and Kennedy in Rome story, honest I am, and bar wandering tenses and a big sex scene to write, you should see something in a day or two. My Christmas present to the slashy world. … Continue reading

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I really ought to be working, but…

This is possibly the first chapter of a new RozK slash saga, so look away, those who don’t do this stuff.

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This is the sort of thing

Rightly rebuked for sometimes seeming to tar all Christians with the same brush, I take great pleasure in picking up this link from The Sideshow, Avedon Carol’s excellent blog. The right sort of Christian

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A point of radical inconsistency on my part here. I really rather object to the sermonette ‘Thought for today’ on the Today Programme. And yet I was somewhat heartened when Colin Morris used it to point out that the Magnificat … Continue reading

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Oh Perlease

Listening to the radio in the early morning, you sometimes get all sorts of insights. First of all, it was Saturday and the Today programme offering two balanced views on the feeling that Christians are being excluded from political and … Continue reading

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Putting the boot in

I am really quite pleased with this particular review… Die Booker die

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More joy in Heaven, I suppose

Well, there’s a turn up for the book. One of the leading UK ex-gay organizations has turned round and said, essentially, ‘The Lord is my shepherd and He knows I’m gay’ just like other gay Christians over the decades. Good … Continue reading

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Since people are discussing this…

Some years ago, I reviewed a book on Kinsey, and the film makes the whole thing relevant again…

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