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Horror piece from TLS

Now this is in print, I can post it here…

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1. Comment with any subject that you would like me to rant squee about, with possible swearing involved. 2. Watch my journal for your rant squee. (optional): 3. Post this in your own journal, so that you may rant squee … Continue reading

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Dawn In Rome Part Five and Last

And here it is, with many thanks to Jen for a last minute beta of serious brilliance. Dawn In Rome Part Five Usual Disclaimers. Feedback actively sought. ++++++ I love that girl, I guess, I really do because worry is … Continue reading

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Dawn in Rome Part Four

Again, I thought people would probably rather a new instalment than wait for the absolute end…

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Dawn in Rome Part Three

I got distracted from this by the excellent Bill Bailey on television, and decided that it was time I posted another episode.

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So anyway

I meant to say lots of things while LJ was down, and then forgot them by the time the MadCow bit of it was back up. So it goes.I had a woman at my door this morning asking me if … Continue reading

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And another thing

I am well behind on the Heathers chapter, partly because I keep rewatching it, relishing it and occasionally spotting new cool stuff. And can I say that the slash reading is totally the correct one, and Heather Chandler so wants … Continue reading

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