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The dead are with us

One of the things about getting to be seriously middle-aged is that you read the obituary columns with more interest than you once did. There are people whose work you seriously admired – like the comedian Dave Allen – and … Continue reading

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How things work and why

If you are the Home Secretary – and given the absolute shower who have been Home Secretary over the last two decades it would hardly surprise me if someone from LJ turned up in the job before I die migod … Continue reading

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Unabashed self-promotion

Various people asked to see the Time Out review I mentioned last week – I’ve been sort of busy (Heathers chapter topped out at 15k)so belatedly here it is. ‘Too often, writing about contemporary culture (especially popular culture) seems to … Continue reading

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And why I am strangely silent

1. Utter glee that I have my first review for ‘From Alien to the Matrix’ in Time Out today, and that it is a positive one, focussing on my general cultural point, ‘the universalization of the geek aesthetic’, as well … Continue reading

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