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Working on novel and movie book – burned out as far as rant energy goes which is why I have not posted on the election yet… In the meantime, as promised to various of you, the piece on the Ninth … Continue reading

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Obviously it would be entirely wrong to have any sort of definite opinion as to Michael Jackson’s guilt or innocence at this stage in his trial. What concerns me, though, is what the evidence we have heard from the prosecution … Continue reading

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Just so that people don’t think I am one-sided…

I have been musing on the politics of Respect, the Islamist/Trot alliance which is contesting a whole bunch of seats on an anti-war ticket, notably Bethnal Green down the road, where the awful anti-abortionist George Galloway is standing against the … Continue reading

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The Abomination of Desolation Seated in the High Place

One of the reasons why I failed to make an extended post on John Paul the Second, but not Great – are the people who want to call him that going to call JP1 John Paul the Less, which would … Continue reading

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Small objection

There are a couple of things I forgot to say a propos of Andrea Dworkin the other day, and the most important of them was the one referred to by Joan Smith in her column in the Independent yesterday. Essentially, … Continue reading

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I won’t be posting about HHG here even though I saw it this evening, simply because I will be writing about it and Dr. Who for the TLS tomorrow and need to think about my piece then. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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Fallen foes

According to Susie Bright’s journal,( Andrea Dworkin is dead. Bright’s piece is intelligent and compassionate, surprisingly so given the acrimony between them. There is a side of me, the side that used to be involved in Feminists Against Censorship and … Continue reading

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