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This is purely for surliminal who wanted to see the piece

This is not on my website because of limited interest to most of my regular readers…

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I watched the documentary about Al Quaeda and the Internet, and picked up mostly on the stuff about how young militants obsess about watching videos of beheadings and blowings up. Can I say ewww! There is a word for people … Continue reading

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My Worldcon Schedule

I am staying at the Bewlay rather than on site, but plan to be at the con bright and early every day – I shall turn up by lunch on Thursday. My panels are

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I have just finished ‘Teen Dreams’ all 79,500 words of it. All I have to do now is go through and stick some dates on the more casual film references, but that is for tomorrow…. The book is dedicated to … Continue reading

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And now the post some people are waiting for

First, a bit of context.

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Later on, probably after I have slept some more, there will be a post about the Chain Reaction reunion, but in a fit of wakefulness after three hours sleep I just need to post this one majorly cool thing that … Continue reading

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I find it very disturbing that there has been almost no coverage of the death threats to Peter Tatchell and others from Outrage. They have been promised that they will be beheaded and chopped up ‘in accordance with Islamic law’ … Continue reading

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