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I went out to Heathrow today to see off the lovely and lovable vschanoes who will be much missed by all her London friends. It’s very strange seeing someone pretty much every few days for most of a year, and … Continue reading

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Well, that’s disturbing

You scored as Emma Frost. Emma Frost is a former enemy of the X-Men but has joined them. She finds certain rules about not reading minds without permission to confining, and she still retains a bit of a bad-girl side. … Continue reading

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Washing clean linen in public

Just so that people outside the M25 get a chance to see it, here’s my Time Out piece about the Glasgow Worldcon…

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I finished the revisions to ‘Teen Dreams’ and handed in the finished ms. today. At my editor’s request, I stuck in an OTT Rozish final couple of paragraphs which I quite like: Teenage Americans watch movies about themselves to make … Continue reading

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As a professional critic, I’d have been shamed by less

Elite ReaderYou have a Geek Lore rating of 87% Sure, fans aren’t Slans, but you’re definitely something special. Your knowledge of speculative literature has to be pretty damned impressive to achieve this score. Long may you flip those pages! My … Continue reading

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Courtney Love and Steve Coogan? That’s just wrong.

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I never met Mo Mowlam. (The Plain People of Hackney fall down clutching their sides and crying ‘Say it ain’t so, Someone Roz Never Met? Incredible.’) However, I was at a book launch for the reissue of John Carvel’s ‘Livingstone’s … Continue reading

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