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Smug bitch time

Well, I have read the new George R.R.Martin, which is of course one half of the new book, since it only deals with half of the characters’ story lines, and we get e.g. John Snow, Tyrion and Daenarys in the … Continue reading

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I am feeling very smug as a result of what I picked up from various reactions to Episode 2.1 of ‘Veronica Mars’.

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More on heckling

The man ejected from the Labour Party conference yesterday by hired bouncers several times his size is apparently going to be readmitted to conference if he promises not to heckle again. People who have lied to the public over decisions … Continue reading

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Pure fangirl squeeing

According to

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A topic I have left alone for a while

The Bill has been less insane and less slashy of late, but for sheer absurdity, tonight set up a classic Bill situation. Unpleasant new Superintendent Prosser has been taken hostage by a bereaved father she failed to take seriously, while … Continue reading

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No surprises here

You are a Social Liberal (80% permissive) and an… Economic Liberal (11% permissive) You are best described as a: Socialist Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid

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Let’s see if I can write this post a second time

I haven’t yet heard how the Galloway/Hitchens debate went in any great detail, but Greg Palast, as always has something very sensible to say about it, and how they are in many senses evil twins of each other. The … Continue reading

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