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I must have worked hard today, because I have just watched two and a half hours of trash tv just sitting there eating pasta and salad and pineapple and strawberries going whatever! and shiny! And it all blends into each … Continue reading

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I just want to say how appalled I am that yet again NHS funding has been squandered on Management consultants. This is a classic example of how the Blair government keeps on digging in a hole which the Tories started. … Continue reading

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And the Ides of March may be coming a fortnight late. Announcing he maybe isn’t going at all, ever ever, was not the smartest move Blair ever made, because it means that people who were waiting, now have their daggers … Continue reading

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I really was not going to post this evening, but I came across the following in Andrew Sullivan: Funny how after observing gay politics closely for almost two decades, the bi “community” has always felt itself to be a bit … Continue reading

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Dogs that haven’t barked

I have been thinking some more about the Loans for Peerages scandal and there is an interesting silence

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Various folk have commented that one of the things that was changed in V for Vendetta was the system of massive universal surveillance that V subverts to his own ends. (And I will write a review, but when I have … Continue reading

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It is important not to go too far over the top about the Undeclared Political Loans in exchange for Peerages issue. Worse has happened in UK public life – the direct sale of peerages for contributions to a fund for … Continue reading

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