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Now that’s more like it…

I was stuck at home until 6 this evening and saw no point in going out after that – on the other hand, I now more or less have kitchen units installed and tomorrow the washing machine will be plumbed … Continue reading

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When Bill Gates says on BBC News ‘With great wealth comes great responsibility’, is there any reason to suppose that he is not consciously alluding to Lee and Ditko’s Spiderman?

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Protected: I have a dilemma

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The discussion of Karen Mantilla continues apace in my earlier post This one will run and run.

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No time to post or comment because my migraine has not entirely come away and I need to get off screen. But, happy birthday gonzo21 because Simon is worth a little excruciating pain.

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Here we go again

fjm put me in touch with ticking_fool on the subject of this piece The sort of rant I hoped we left behind last century My response was as follows

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I don’t normally talk about dreams, but…

I woke up in the middle of watching three simultaneous performances of Salome’s dance, one by a skinny operatic diva (I rather think it was Josephine Barstow in her prime, or possibly Maria Ewing) and two by mimes, one of … Continue reading

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