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The West Wing Ended

And I know what I wanted the note Bartlett left for Santos to say. I want it to have said ;In every generation a chosen one is born.. The truth is out there. You must take the ring to Mordor … Continue reading

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Another good man gone

I was surprised by how much I liked David Gemmell the one time I met him – we weren’t people who would obviously get on. On the other hand, someone who pulls out a Roman gladius and gets you to … Continue reading

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The advent of free FilmFour makes it harder to get round to posting – I just watched Zoolander, which is aimiably silly, and plan to watch Festival in a minute. Plus I need to write a couple more paras of … Continue reading

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A last thought on stem-cell stuff

And this is an interestingly perverse way of looking at an issue, and far from being a stupid one.

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Even if it doesn’t last – I suspect that it won’t – and even if the brief change gives me a migraine – I suspect that it is going to – there is a peculiar bliss is being woken at … Continue reading

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And another really stupid thing

I am very depressed by this story Evangelical and Catholic health professionals constantly extending the reach of their consciences which I got to from Avedon. The thing you have to ask yourself is, where does this end? With them refusing … Continue reading

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On lighter notes

I spent this afternoon with helenraven at Fearless

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