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Third Girls

This is the Dreamgirls story I was thinking about even as I sat in the pub with surliminal Fandom: Dreamgirls Disclaimer: All this is the property of Bill Condon, Tom Eeyen, Henry Krieger and the Dreamworks corporation. Synopsis: The person … Continue reading

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One of the main things that happened today – and today was the first day in ages that I have not been saying meh! to the world and its passing shows, even though I had a good time at Hot … Continue reading

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Another damn quiz thing

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I am writing this at the very cusp of the birthdays of paratti and jennyo, two very different friends both of whom I love and admire a lot. Also feeling major Life on Mars squee.

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Massive Betty Love Omnibus

Anyone who is watching Ugly Bettyin the UK, and not seeing the US episodes by one means or another, should absolutely turn their faces away.

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Things have moved on to a quite remarkable extent if the often odiously wrong-headed Sullivan has moved away from the war he once supported so far that he says this about the Libby trial: Why would he (Cheney) be scared? … Continue reading

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Two conversations that are somehow partly the same

There is a very impressive Jonathan Lethem piece on originality and copyright here which interestingly coincides with what I say in Superheroes about the overrating of originality. There is also an interesting conversation going on in jennyo about the performative … Continue reading

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