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Two Little Stories About the Passage of Time

1. When I was about thirteen, I read some comic columns by a man called Michael Frayn – he then published a couple of novels of vaguely sf interest, a terrific book about being a Fleet Street Journalist (‘Towards the … Continue reading

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And more from the good show most of you seem not to be watching

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How have we all missed this?

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1. I am totally in love with the episode of Nip/Tuck in which Christian operates on the corpse of his long-term patient Mrs Grubman. They were kind of friends, kind of antagonists, and it is strongly implied that one of … Continue reading

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This is probably quite important, both as the US Episcopalians saying to the bigoted bits of the Anglican Communion, here we stand, we can do no other. And because it starts to talk about homophobia and misogyny as historical sins … Continue reading

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Depression and hope

This story about governmental homophobia in Poland is profoundly depressing. I am stunned that a country which lost so many people to the Holocaust is one in which talk of gas chambers is even possible, let alone connived at by … Continue reading

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Two queries

1. In Nip/Tuck, Season Four, Episode 2, my copy goes off just before the end of the episode.

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