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International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day!

You should all go to papersky to have INPSTD explained. In the mean-time, as my offering, a chunk of Adore and Serve, my work in progress which is in part about a stroppy god-slaying immortal who, in the nature of … Continue reading

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More Sex Accidents Please

After having my recent collapse into helpless Grey’s adoration, I find myself thinking about the importance to that show of Drunken Sex Accidents ™ and the need for more of them there and in almost every show and film I … Continue reading

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One or two recent reviews etc.

I am trying to write my big Nip/Tuck essay, which is what I need to be doing now. In the meantime,

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There is a quotation from Dickens which I am trying to remember, most probably from Great Expectations or Little Dorrit which is all about how there are people coming towards us and we are moving towards them and we will … Continue reading

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I started looking at old LJ entries to find out what I said about the war at its beginning and found myself caught up in the following few months – Te’s visit and Baz Luhrman’s Boheme and other such jolly … Continue reading

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This strikes me as deeply disturbing

‘The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the conservative evangelical Bishop of Rochester, continued his contrarian stance by praising the Iranian president’s better understanding of moral and spiritual values than the British government. He said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad contrasted favourably with British “free-floating” … Continue reading

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I am late to this particular party

I just need to say that my growing love for Grey’s Anatomy has been considerably enhanced by watching the big two-parter ‘Code Black’ from Season Two, which is a very impressive couple of hours of television. Indeed, it is one … Continue reading

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And yet somehow I don’t think this will satisfy Iran

Frank Miller was so asking for this response to the idiotic film of his idiotic comic. I am for once so delighted that I am linking to Youtube for this wonderful camp nonsense. It all makes so much more sense … Continue reading

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