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More Kerfuffle

This is something of an improvement. I shall still archive my journal and copy entries elsewhere though, just in case.

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Less Silence, More Exile, Same Number of Crumpets

I have set up a GreatestJournal account also under the name rozk. For the moment I shall still be here, but will double-post.

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Kerfuffle stuff

I have used lj archive, just to be on the safe side. Like most people who visited the Warriors for Innocence sites to find out WTF they thought they were doing, I came back with a whole bunch of spyware. … Continue reading

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Typo of the day

I will not name the contributor to the N/T book who managed this singularly but inadvertently gruesome image:’the harvesting of skin from the woman who, in a highly apt case of symbolism, is noted a universal doner.’ NB For some … Continue reading

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For some reason, my AIM won’t work. It keeps saying ‘A server error has occured’ and this happens even after I 1) reboot 2)turn off, wait and try again. Help is no help at all.

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More fiction, then…

This is not the next episode of Dawn in New York as it happens, because I needed to fit in between Dawn in Rome and its sequel, two shorter stories in this notional post-NFA sequence. One of these is Hell … Continue reading

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A break from fic

There will, in all probability, be more fanfic later this evening, because I am so close to finishing the Nip/Tuck book that I can feel it in my aching bones. But someone – I don’t know who – asked me … Continue reading

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