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Another bunch of stuff

My view on Kerfuffle Part Two is that it is too early to be sure what LJ actually mean by what they have said. I strongly suspect that they will back down from talking about 18 to talking about 16; … Continue reading

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The state of Roz

I meant to go to TransLondon last night to help slightly_foxed publicize the Bindel action tonight, but I was exhausted by going through the copy-edited manuscript of Superheroes so that just did not happen. On the other hand, staying in … Continue reading

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Of course, if Al-Quaeda were really on the ball, they would bring the English-speaking world to a halt by bombing the Bloomsbury warehouse with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows still inside it….

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Oh god, I joined Facebook…Who else is around there that I haven’t friended already?

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Various things

In a week which had the man-killing honey badgers of Basra story, you wouldn’t expect it to get trumped by this Meanbastard new species of chimpanzee discovered. 2.5 meter sticks for fishing with – that’s a spear…And the idea that … Continue reading

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The Scotland on Sunday Harry Potter endings piece by various hands, one of them mine

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Love your enemies

Do good to those who persecute you. But be aware that they have skins like rhinos and will not appreciate the irony. Scarlett Thomas was one of the few people who hated Reading the Vampire Slayer; by an odd coincidence, … Continue reading

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