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Paying back dues to my younger days

The short form is that, after going on the Burma solidarity March, I went with christinaalley and scattyKat to see Holly Woodlawn in conversation. The amazing Sadie Lee has done a bunch of miraculous portaits that spare nothing of the … Continue reading

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And it has been the first week of Roz’s shows….

The next few weeks are going to be a Darwinian nightmare as I decide which shows make the final cut for downloading in the morning when torrents are fast, downloading later when they are slow, and leaving out entirely. Some … Continue reading

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Annoyingly, the TLS turn out to have over-commissioned; also, because my ticket for a screening got messed up, I wasn’t able to do my review until the damn movie was in the cinemas, which always makes it less likely things … Continue reading

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After rude interruptions

I am now touching wood every chance I get, because the computer is back and seems to be fixed. As my bright friend Kat guessed, it was the case that had gone wonky, and most especially the on/off switch. Lots … Continue reading

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My computer died Thursday – hopefully just power switch, but won’t be fixed for week.

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Vexingly, my computer is acting up again. Starting up when I have not started it; closing down when I have not closed it. I am waiting for my computer tech to ring me – presumably we should have installed a … Continue reading

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Briefly, with a migraine

I am almost up to date post-computer crisis and will start work on the Superheroes index when I get in from bloodtests tomorrow. I had an amazing time at the Transfab picnic and saw many of the usual suspects there … Continue reading

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