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A guilty pleasure, I suppose

I suppose that it is an unpopular fannish opinion that the first Elizabeth film is only good for some slightly special, though obvious, meanings of good. I feel a little off saying this, because, let us be clear, I love … Continue reading

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The BSFA Interview on Wednesday

As a lot of people know, I am being interviewed on Wednesday 24th at the British Science Fiction Association. This will be happening at The Star Tavern, 6 Belgrave Mews West, London, SW1X Tel: 020 7235 3019 Piccadilly line to … Continue reading

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Does anyone have a good high-res photo of me I could use as an author photo?

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My 1980 Raymond piece by request…

My thanks to ffutures and Helen Wilson for running the pdf of this through text recognition and transcribing/editing respectively.

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Time travelling

On Saturday, I went to the second meeting of the London Trans Reading Group, which is not the least of all the fab new bits of social and intellectual life that I find myself with after meeting so many cool … Continue reading

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Oh god, he has lost it completely…

Long-term readers of this LJ will remember my post on Hitchens here and how sad I was when Hitchens became a cheerleader for the Bush camp and for Bush’s war. All of that was bad enough, but one still hoped … Continue reading

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That isn’t what I would have expected

Which is often the way with quiz results…. Which Dyke to Watch Out For Are You?created with You scored as Lois You are Lois, the ladykiller who’s mellowed into an awesome, loyal girlfriend. Give yourself permission to read the … Continue reading

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Department of Kiss of Death

‘I can’t believe I’m with Barney Frank on this one. But I am,’ says Andrew Sullivan about the ENDA row here, and yet somehow most of the rest of us seem to have no problem whatever believing it. In the … Continue reading

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Doris Lessing has won the Nobel Prize for literature – I may have to go talk to the BBC World Service about this later. Later – the Beeb got Lessing herself and stood me down – oh well, means I … Continue reading

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Those who forget history are not as bad as those who distort it

We really should not be surprised that the likes of Andrew Sullivan and this guy are busy trying to represent the ENDA mess as the result of evil trans people and their leftist friends raining on everyone’s parade. And one … Continue reading

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