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I had tea with my friend Kate the other day and these were a part of the result – I suppose that I am quite a friendly potato-face…

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I seem to be back – it was my external hard drive interfering with everything else…

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Computer death has struck again so don’t expect me aroound all that much…

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Superheroes interview

I was interviewed on BBC radio about the book by Laurie Taylor along with Kim Newman this afternoon here.

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Copied from almost everyone

A) Four jobs I have had in my life (other than current job) Gravel prospector; civil servant; dishwasher; private tutor. B) Four movies I would watch over and over Valerie and her week of wonders; Les Enfants de Paradis; Alexander … Continue reading

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Is anyone else having troubles with AIM? For some reason I just can’t log in – I tried reinstalling already. I also notice that quite a lot of the relevant websites don’t seem to be working.

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And so farewell Roy Scheider

I know that for most of my f-list he is the Police Chief from Jaws, but for me he is definitively and forever the dying jerk of a choreographer from Bob Fosse’s autobiographical metafiction All that Jazz. One of the … Continue reading

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