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The love that passes understanding -no really, I cannot understand how they call this love.

The split in the Anglican church is about a lot of things

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Some people are not entitled to say certain things

I was just watching the BBC4 thing about courtroom dramas and had the sickening experience of watching Alan Dershowitz sneer about Clarence Darrow. I have a bit of a crush, it is true, the man who opposed the death penalty … Continue reading

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I am, as so often, appalled

The Texas Supreme Court here has declared violent exorcism a practice covered by constitutional protection of religious freedom. Given the extent to which religious loons use exorcism as a way of bullying LGBT teens, this is effectively a queerbasher’s charter, … Continue reading

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Department of the totally awesome

debg has done a movie-style trailer for her upcoming mystery novel Rock and Roll Never Forgets ***** I went to see In Search of a Midnight Kiss which is a neat little contribution to the genre of ‘bittersweetly, man and … Continue reading

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Oh look! New shows

It is the time of year when pilots escape for us to look at and dream of the shows they may become, and brood about if they don’t, and for summer shows that one may fall in love with more … Continue reading

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And sometimes I refuse to choose

Cyd Charisse died, at 87. She was one of Astaire’s best partners and certainly Kelly’s, which means she did some of the best dancing in Hollywood films. Here she is with Astaire in Band Wagon and with Kelly in Singing … Continue reading

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TransFabulous was both

I am not going to post at length about a weekend that was too full of amazing incident and stunning performance art to do justice to. I did my writing workshop and I also read some of my poems during … Continue reading

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