Facebook are insisting that RU Sirius be listed by his legal name. I dropped them this note:

Just to say, RU Sirius is not just a byline – like most people who know him, I think of him by that name to the extent that I had no idea what his legal name was.

So, if Krusty the Clown was on Facebook, or Jack the Ripper, or Father Christmas, you’d insist on their legal name?

Sometimes rules are there for a reason, but even those rules need to be broken in the name of common sense.

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  1. redbird says:

    Also note that this wouldn’t come up if he were obscure. A friend of mine who always goes by a one-word handle (not zir legal name) online has dealt with the Facebook policy by splitting that handle in the middle: whoever objected to RU Sirius has not found or questioned my friend’s Facebook handle. And we know it’s our favorite fish from Usenet.

  2. baldanders says:

    I dislike Sirius’s writing and his online personality — never met him — and I think it’s a stupid name, but god bless him for carrying it around, and it certainly is his name at this point by any reasonable standard. And there are tons of people on Facebook with names that are transparently not their own.

    (My name on Facebook — the name that I use, in one variation or another, in all my public interactions with the world — is not my legal name. Mum’s the word.)

  3. baldanders says:

    Anyway, for whatever legitimate reasons Facebook might have for being concerned about false names, the whole point of Facebook — originally, at least — was to be a link place for professionals and their professional interests. “RU Sirius” is his professional name. It would be near useless to him to be on Facebook under his legal name. For crying out loud.

    (I am surprised he’s never changed it legally.)

  4. baldanders says:

    (So far as I know, Facebook also hasn’t done anything about various non-Hussein people listing “Hussein” as their middle name.)

  5. whumpdotcom says:

    People are still using Facebook?

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