Video of ME!!!!!

I’ve no idea when this was – I haven’t owned that hat for years and I am clearly a lot younger, though no less pretentious…

Also, the video made for Pride of me and other older LGBT people talking about Pride and what it means to us…I am not at my best in this.

About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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7 Responses to Video of ME!!!!!

  1. Ha, lookit you! 😀

  2. gauroth says:

    That hat is awesome! The brim is just right. I don’t like hats with wide brims (possibly because, being under 5′ tall, wide brims make me look like a mushroom: the personal is fashionable as well as political.) It suits you.

  3. What a wonderful monologue–and what a wonderful voice! (Setting aside entirely the fact that you’re talking about Medea, who I sympathized with back when I first read the D’Aullaires’ book of Greek myths…)

  4. cynthia1960 says:

    Roz, that hat is fabulous.

  5. nitoda says:

    Thanks for posting both videos, but especially the second one. It was nice to see the flashing beginning acknowledging each of the strands involved in Pride. It’s about time we started having some bi spokespeople visible in such videos. I think the bi community is quite a bit behind the gay and lesbian – and in organisational terms, even the trans communities. We’re so damnably democratic, if not downright anarchic, it’s almost impossible to organise anything that everyone will get behind. 😦

  6. Anonymous says:

    Roz in her hat

    Hi Roz you look good in that hat.
    I was told by Maz that Bobby wore a big hat as well back then They both walked from Earls Court to Knightsbridge . I wish Id seen them . Buy yourself another hat. A girl has to have a hat Love Mair

  7. dmsherwood53 says:

    Pretentious Tu !?

    No I wouldn’t call it pretentious tho I’d disagree. I think it ignores the fact that trasgic icons are coutret-factual artistic creations. They are entities of an ideal world and cannot exist on this mundane world of clay.

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