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This is something I never expected to see

The 1978 film of A Little Night Music is widely reported to be terrible and in lots of ways this clip bears that out – the sets are dull, the costumes fussy. And yet Diana Rigg is just amazing – … Continue reading

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I think I have nearly finished this damn poem which has been eating my brain for days. That’s why I don’t write poetry, I am remembering, because it is like answering the hardest crossword in the world while standing on … Continue reading

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Cis privilege and transphobia

Great post by my new chum lisaquestions here. I really don’t have anything to add right now.

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On Amanda Palmer

Here’s a confession – when Neil Gaiman started talking about Amanda Palmer the other week, both in his blog, and in occasional chat, I was blank and thinking ‘oh, Neil has a new musician he admires – I must check … Continue reading

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Peter stirs it up again

There is, as always, a broader issue here than the bizarre rituals of the Catholic Church in respect of candidates for canonization and whether they trump the personal wishes of a loyal son of the church to have his bones … Continue reading

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I will post about Amanda Palmer in due course. I just need to get my head back into a comfortable space. And finish this poem which has taken over my life.

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What incredible frakking BullShit!!!!!

I don’t even want to deal with this– lying little sacks of shit who go out trolling for trans hookers and then shoot them dead and lie and lie. And idiotic juries believe them because we are disgusting freaks who … Continue reading

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