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An intelligent low-intensity description of why Sarah Palin would be a disaster here.

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OK something is stopping complete download of half the pages I look at, and is regularly sending me off to commercial sites I don’t want to go to. I have run my updated spyware and it doesn’t pick anything up … Continue reading

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Retraction in Pink News

The Pink News have published a retraction of the earlier story alleging that the Toiletgate demonstrators were violent here.

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Oh look, femslash!!

I went this afternoon with helenraven to see The Duchess This was going, for a while, to be an angry post about the inability of male reviewers to notice lesbian relationships in movies unless they have a big sign on … Continue reading

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A fabulous post that moved me close to tears

Our love is an act of war. One of the things that worries me most is that we will be obliterated, that we will never have been.

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I’m in that sort of mood

Sometimes, late at night, it’s Bach or Chopin or Ella. But it’s midnight and I’ve done my thousand words and I have this terrible suspicion that the fun times, even such as they are, are going to be brought to … Continue reading

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Just a thought…

If Mother Theresa was magically assassinated with flags on Mount Everest – see previous entry – as part of a Pentecostalist campaign against Mariolatry, does that mean that she is a martyr of the church and can be canonized automatically … Continue reading

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