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I’m writing my Brando piece for the TLS and have got side-tracked into watching him. When he was good, he was so very good.

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Doors – care and maintenance

I have a problem with my living room door. I suspect that the last people who hung it after the work on the kitchen and bathroom did not do a very good job. Essentially, the screws that hold the door … Continue reading

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I have an Imdb entry!

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This is all very odd

The police have felt the collar of a Tory spokesman -Oh so that would be good news then?- and everyone is talking about how democracy is in danger if a chap can’t talk to a whistleblower about immigration statistics without … Continue reading

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Gosh this is amazing

An old favourite from my Lefty days, days that never entirely ended, did they if I am honest. It gets quite spine-chilling near the end.

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We have a response to the demo from PFC

Stephen Whittle posted a comment in my entry on the Stonewall demonstration here .

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Something that I need to do as a resource…

As many of you know, I work as a publisher’s reader and for a long time worked for a book club as well, reading books in proof or manuscript and making recommendations. I think that I should probably share with … Continue reading

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