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And damn, Andy Hallett died. Goodbye Lorne – you made it look easy, being green…

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Three movies may be too many for a single day…

But first a quick word of explanation to someone who should not need it. The resigning Bishop of Rochester has complained of “secularist agendas which marginalise all faith but seem especially hostile to Christianity.” No dear, we are not especially … Continue reading

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Saturday Stuff and Sunday Movies

I am glad that I didn’t try and hit the film festival on Saturday because I ended up pretty much getting my ass kicked by a migraine and spent most of the afternoon dozing and listening to Rimsky’s Tale of … Continue reading

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Three and a half films,

I skipped the festival on Thursday to go and see the excellent Swedish horror film Let the right one in which has some interesting divergences from the Lundqvist novel on which it is based being a little less visceral in … Continue reading

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DOLLS (LLGFF Movie number one)

Went to the first night of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and was quietly impressed by the opening movie, a teen lesbian drama from the Czech Republic). It reminded me of the classic Czech films of the late … Continue reading

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Quietly simmering with the mighty rage of WTF

Now, there were some things I really liked, down to the end. And then there was the rest of it, which left me thinking, oh crap! jennyo and I still have to do a book about this and I am … Continue reading

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Weird dreams

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl who somehow was also George W.Bush had borrowed my cheque book and somehow managed to use it to run up thirty million pounds worth of debt. I spoke to his father, who was definitely George … Continue reading

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