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My TLS piece about films from the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

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I just watched the last episode of Chuck

…and if it never gets another season 1. that was a good place to end and 2. the network is frakking crazy, Which is how season enders that may be series enders should be.

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A new story by my good friend

vschanoes has a story at Strange Horizons here. Go. Read.

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Ironies of history

I was looking at my memoir of the Cafe Munchen/Midnight Rose period of my life and came across a quote from John Clute in which he sort of disapproved of what Neil, Mary Gentle and I were doing back in … Continue reading

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A couple of updates

As some of you know, I was having an Important Meeting tomorrow. Alas! because of knock-on effects from today’s strike on the Victoria Line it has had to be postponed for another two weeks. Damndamn and oh well! **** On … Continue reading

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A long complicated story

I spent much of today – though not as much as planned – hanging out with d_aulnoy who is in town for the same fairy story conference at UEA as vschanoes with whom I hung out a lot last week. … Continue reading

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Oh, and to finish with the film festival…

The closing night gala film Baby Love was a comedy about a gay man who wants fatherhood so bad we can feel it like toothache in sympathy. His boyfriend really isn’t keen on the idea, and he gets ruled out … Continue reading

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In honour of the return of Ashes to Ashes…

Some extracts from With the Wild Girls my memoir of that period of Soho life as experienced by some elements in the trans community…Somehow Gene Hunt fits my memories rather well.

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I think I died and went to showbiz heaven…

Ryan Murphy’s new show for Fox. So High School, so Show Tune, so very very gay…Is this the first show whose showrunner might actually have read Teen Dreams? I’d like to believe so. I am so looking forward to seeing … Continue reading

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United States of Tara…

does something in its finale which is amazingly obvious and cornball but still made me cry. Tara’s two adolescent children are bowling and they are being watched, by their father and their mother, and their mother’s three alters…There’s an emotional … Continue reading

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