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Things you find on YouTube

This is just bizarre – and probably deeply triggering for a lot of people. Me, it made me laugh aloud and I found it catchy… What I don’t get is, how anyone could worship a god like that. And how … Continue reading

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Another take on the same thing

I’m looking for the other performances from this afternoon: I opened, and appropriately Michael closed with this:

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Sometimes poetry is necessary

I read at the Stonewall Riot Fortieth Anniversary concert this afternoon and I am told that it went quite well – I need to get used to working with a microphone though, because I am too used to small audiences … Continue reading

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When I was but a wee thing of 20 or so, one of my holiest of holy books was this. The fucked-up politically complex Tsvetaeva was a heroine and was my personal doomed icon – I loved these translations too. … Continue reading

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I’ve been meaning to link to ….

This and this. Sometimes my head hurts with the cluelessness of people who are supposed to be allies.

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Curiouser and curiouser

In the matter of the non-existent Raychel Roo, this. Not being unsympathetic, but it beats ‘the dog ate my homework.’ Otherwise, no comment.

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Well, duh!

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has written here to the British National Party about ways in which it may be in breach of various legislation. You will care to note this paragraph: The Commission is also concerned that the … Continue reading

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More about Pride

A new TransLondon press release, partially rescinding the planned boycott of Pride: PRESS RELEASE 22 JUNE 2009 MEMBERS VOTE TO LIFT PRIDE BOYCOTT Two TransLondon organisers attended an open meeting hosted by Pride London’s representative for the trans community on … Continue reading

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This analysis of the Iranian election results seems a pretty authoritative reason, along with the supernaturally early announcement of Ahmedinajad’s victory, to suppose that the results were largely fictional. Chatham House is a very establishment institution, but its good name … Continue reading

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OK, the Raychel Roo killing does indeed seem to have turned out to be some sort of hoax, the destruction of a sockpuppet in the most aggressive way possible. One of the reasons so many of us fell for it … Continue reading

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