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Sometimes crap is what you need

And at such times, there is a lot to be said for watching Doomsday, the movie where the British government leave Scotland to rot during an outbreak of SuperEbola and our one-eyed heroine goes back Across The Wall 25 years … Continue reading

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I’m glad to have learned belatedly from Boing-boing that the people who are protecting the world from same-sex marriage are also worried about sex with machines. So nice to know that they sit up all night worrying about these things … Continue reading

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In a wave of enthusiasm after yesterday’s movie, I sat down and read the second book, which I had been kind of saving for a rainy day. If anything, it is better than the first, simply because we find out … Continue reading

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One of the reasons why I have been largely blocked about posting, let alone doing much actual writing, is that I have been in significant internal turmoil about Inglourious Basterds a film which mingles utterly stunning film-making in some scenes, … Continue reading

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One of those posts I hate having to put up

Here, with dodgy, offensive and, for some people. triggering language, clearly cluelessly rather than deliberately failing what looks like the murder of one trans woman and the attempted murder of another.

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Anyone who is on Facebook

Still trying to find out exactly what is going on, but it seems that Facebook have censored Del LaGrace Volcano and deleted his page, for printing a photograph of someone intersex as a comment on the Caster Semenya controversy. You … Continue reading

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For the first time in two months, a thousand words of novel, some of those words being quite good. And a head of steam that brings with it yet another damn Desire poem.

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