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On coups

And, as Avedon pointed out, this has happened before.

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Gakked from Sullivan, a column by John L Perry on Newsmanx since yanked . I did say to a lot of people in the buildup to the election that one of the reasons for going for actual prosecution of Republican … Continue reading

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PRIMEVAL lives!!!!

Gakked from Paul Cornell’s twitter feed, news that makes me very very happy

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This is unusually insane

…even for my friend Marcus. Buffy/Kafka/Xena crossover, no, really Which I love.

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My Audrey Niffnegger Profile in the Independent

I make no apologies for giving you the text here, rather than the link, because it turns out that links to the Independent are so long that I cannot twitter them.

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Briefly, not posting much here because having a productive time on the novel these last three nights – a thousand on Sunday, seven hundred last night and 1077 tonight. One of the joys of writing in the C18 as opposed … Continue reading

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I have created a Facebook group Solidarity with Beograd Pride here

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