Gakked from Sullivan, a column by John L Perry on Newsmanx since yanked . I did say to a lot of people in the buildup to the election that one of the reasons for going for actual prosecution of Republican criminals was my fear that they would not go quietly, and that the presence of Pentacostalist and Evangelical loons in the US Armed Forces was cause for concern. And was mocked for paranoia.

And now this. Just saying.

Later I am now being followed on twitter by I Am Military. Don’t think I need to be concerned about that…


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  1. ffutures says:

    Good grief – does the idea of waiting a few years to vote against him mean nothing to these people?

  2. tsubaki_ny says:

    These people have no clue what actual suffering under dictatorship actually means. None.

    I’ve been afraid of this since ’07.

    Then again, people who aren’t actually suffering tend to talk a big game and then go watch television.** Can I even cling to that hope? *disgust*

    **While lone crazies take them at their word and then go shoot up public areas. ARGGGGGGGH.

  3. cmcmck says:

    As a historian of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (aka the British Civil Wars) I KNOW what you get when the military decides it can do things better than either a Monarch or a Republic- it’s called military dictatorship and it is an ultimate evil even if fronted by someone as capable and plausible as Cromwell (and there’s absolutely no one in the US military high command anywhere near that calibre of leadership).

    What about this do these loons not understand? Sigh :o(

  4. calimac says:

    This is actually funny.

    “Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders …” *mmph* *chuckle* *guffaw*

  5. gonzo21 says:

    Not forgetting that under the years of the Bush Doctrine, preferential promotion was given to officers who had The Right Stuff, and had embraced Evangelical beliefs.

  6. Military leadership was pretty cheesed off at Bush. Most of the officers I know are highly intelligent, reasonable people who resent being used as pawns in an unjustified and poorly planned war.

  7. paulathomas says:

    Translation of article.

    He’s black, he’s popular, and worst of all he might get something done!

    Therefore he has to DUE

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