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More on Tatchell

Del Grace has reprinted an argument against Peter Tatchell by Sara Ahmed in my Facebook here and I think it worth addressing. I don’t for a second think my reply is impeccable and I am sure that it is open … Continue reading

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This is by way of a heads-up – I will write a longer post about it later. As rumoured, Julie Bindel has written another anti-trans diatribe, this time for a right-wing magazine, Standpoint, which runs climate deniers, eurosceptics, and Peter … Continue reading

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In the last few days, I have seen statements from the Great and Good Lord Stern, saying that the crucial improvement which might still help save the planet is if everyone becomes totally vegetarian. He is already being disingenuous right … Continue reading

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Attacks on Peter Tatchell

I’ve been asked by Peter Tatchell, who is quite ill, to post this response to some of the attacks on him that are going round the internet. There are some important factual inaccuracies in those attacks which he addresses. Out … Continue reading

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I just found this – quite the oddest posthumous collaboration ever, and yet singularly appropriate. William Burroughs reciting Brecht’s ‘What Keeps Mankind Alive’- even more sinister than the Tom Waits version. Implausibly enough, I once met Burroughs at a party … Continue reading

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I so love this video – I’ve posted this song before, with these artists, but not this version.# ***** Also, I am a sad bad person, who persuaded a friend to watch Walk all over me a mostly crap thriller … Continue reading

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Another Salieri moment

Some of you will recall this when I spotted a subtle use of quite obscure classical music in Iron Man. Glee 1.08 had another such moment

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