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More on the Kercher murder trial

New Scientist has a piece on the DNA evidence which the prosecution relies on to back their evil threesome torture rape death scenario. It seems the evidence is even slimmer than I thought.

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Rob Holdstock

I just saw that Rob Holdstock died this morning – I knew he was seriously ill, but I never expected this. He was a lovely talented man whom I expected to go on knowing for years more – I saw … Continue reading

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This is mostly relevant to my US friends.

This is a copy of a post from Transgender and I am hopping mad about it. The Advocate has set up a poll asking if gender identity should be cut out of ENDA. I find it deplorable that they would … Continue reading

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Just to remind people…

… particularly my many cis feminist friends. that there are some really unpleasant transphobes out there and WE ARE NOT MAKING IT UP, here’s a couple of supposedly feminist sites. They are more likely to trigger a mixture of rage … Continue reading

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The foulest of foul moods

I would like to think that my ill temper – I’ve been shouting at the kettle for not boiling quickly enough – and my inability to get on with stuff were down wholly and solely to the weather, or my … Continue reading

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And for once Bindel is on the right side…

We are in the last stages of the trial of Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Rudy Guede is already serving 30 years for the crime, but the prosecution are alleging that Knox and Sollecito … Continue reading

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This is about us too

With their usual impeccable timing, various of the usual Christian suspects have chosen TGDOR to issue a manifesto on freedom of conscience which makes tendentious and often inaccurate statements about the role of Christians from the major churches in progressive … Continue reading

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