Just a very quick query for all the people out there who have watched The Wire past Season 3. which I just finished.

There’s a shot in the gay bar where Brother Mouzzone’s minion Lamar is looking for Omar, when the camera pulls back, and Rawles is sitting at a table. I sort of think in a way that I don’t want that to develop in any obvious plot-altering way – it’s a nice subtle touch that this man we thought we knew has a whole other life that we never get to know about.


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  1. It’s a nice subtle touch which illuminates at least one other scene later, but doesn’t alter any plots, no. There are several instances of people turning up in backgrounds which, if you see it, informs other scenes but if you don’t, it doesn’t terribly matter – a bit like adult jokes in a panto. Nice if you get them but you can still have fun if you don’t.

  2. badger says:

    I hate giving spoilers for anything, so are you asking if Rawls’ possible other life ever becomes a significant plot point in seasons 4 or 5?
    (Never mind, answered already.)

  3. chicating says:

    Not really. But it’s cool to know.
    And sometimes it makes it funny when he overcompensates with Landsman’s skin mags.

  4. gary_farber says:

    I responded to this on Facebook, but you haven’t responded, so: what’s your query?

    • gary_farber says:

      I have, to be clear, a very specific answer in mind if your query is what I think it *might* be, but I don’t want to give any spoilers until I know what your actual query is.

  5. cmcmck says:

    I don’t watch much TV but popped in to say hey! Nice pic! :o)

  6. crazycrone says:

    Oh, I answered on FB, too, but forgot about that bit later that might be relevant, although it’s not a major plot thread.

  7. It adds a certain level of – not exactly irony – to his sexual imagery in dealing with lower officers.

    (I wondered a bit about Bubbles – like Omar he tends to be paired with younger men, but here it seems intimate rather than necessarily sexual)

  8. chicating says:

    Maybe, but he also likes to get Kima’s attention.

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