Well, that’s my TGDOR poem done – I will post it next week.

I trust that the usual transphobic suspects will line up to condemn the recent actual killings of trans women…No, I am not holding my breath, either.

Julie Bindel was on the Today programme this morning, arguing against the purging of innocent, acquitted and nollprossed people’s DNA from the data base on the grounds that, the bigger the data base, the more chance of catching rapists. Now, it has been argued that the sort of person who gets found guilty of so-called Ordinary Decent Crimes like assault and burglary is disproportionately likely to commit sexual crimes as well – that’s an argument that depends on actual facts and figures and can be proven or disproven.

What she seems to be assuming though, is that people who are acquitted or not proceeded against are not really innocent at all. Because why should she otherwise think that keeping the DNA of random people falsely accused is going to turn up a significant number or rapists?

Unless she believes that All Men Are Potential Rapists – also a respectable position to argue, let us be clear – and that the DNA database should accordingly be universal in scope.

But that is not what she thinks, or at least not what she says on the Today programme.

I had hoped not to be thinking about her this week, but she will wake me up in the morning.


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  1. cakmpls says:

    The belief that anyone who has been arrested, and certainly anyone who has been prosecuted, must be guilty is distressingly common.

  2. What she actually did believe seemed incredibly unclear from the interview – particularly when she started talking about how she would be uncomfortable about data being held on her, and how she didn’t even like her Oystercard recording her travel history! I assume she was trying to argue that the benefits (catching more violent criminals) outweigh the threats to privacy. But she didn’t seem to have any answer to the fact that the police haven’t prodeuced evidence that the DNA database has actually solved or prevented any violent crimes so far.

  3. the_maenad says:

    Wake you up in the morning? My dear, she keeps me awake at night! (boom, boom.)

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