Ecclesiastical tackiness

Again, spotted by P

I don’t know where to begin on this – the cross-shaped wiis, the wired in hassocks. What I want to know is, what does the screen show during the transsubstantiation add-on? And does the church accept ordination in the course of a video-game as a valid sacrament?


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14 Responses to Ecclesiastical tackiness

  1. blankbadge says:

    It might be a publicity stunt for the game Dante’s inferno that’s out soon but it’s so hard to tell with christian stuff sometimes whether someone genuinely thought it was a good idea.

  2. davidlevine says:

    My money’s on it being a spoof.

    • rozkaveney says:

      Spoof? Well, maybe, but I found the ecclesiastical tat shop in Vatican City which had the glow-in-the-dark statue of the Blessed Virgin which played ‘Mother of God, Star of the Sea, play for the wanderer, pray for me’ if you touched it, as well as the 3-D sacred heart poster with Jesus’ eyes following you round the room as well as perfectly sensible things like rosaries blessed by the Pope.

      If it is a spoof, it will not stay one for long – BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULD BUY IT.

      • davidlevine says:

        These things tell me it’s a spoof: the kids raising one knee (which cannot be reported by the controller), the number of actions with nothing shown on the TV screen (at the very least it’s clear that at the time of filming the game is not actually interactive), the wooden kneelers with no obvious electronics, and the way the characters move forward to another pew to “level up,” which strikes me as something that would offend a lot of prospective customers of such a product. The use of censers in the game also marks it as specifically Catholic or very high-church Episcopalian, neither of whom strike me as the type to go for this kind of thing.

        But I also saw how the tauntaun sleeping bag turned into a real product, so I suppose anything’s possible.

      • agrumer says:

        Also, when the kids are crossing themselves, while they go in the correct order (up, down, left, right), they’re using their left hands, which is wrong for Roman Catholics.

        I think “seven sacraments” also marks it as RC.

      • crazycrone says:

        Yeah, definite spoof.

      • sciamanna says:

        The first time, actually, they cross the Orthodox way; the second time, the RC way. Left hand is wrong for both though 🙂

      • fjm says:

        Er, have you seen children’s advertising much? There is a reason so many of them have “simulated action” at the bottom of the UK versions of the adverts.

      • alixtii says:

        Yeah, for me the pew thing was the deal breaker.

      • Andy Chalk at The Escapist suggests it might be another promotion for EA’s Dante’s Inferno, but it’s just a guess.

  3. jmkelly says:

    … having a Poe’s Law moment ….

  4. cmcmck says:

    Having seen the cheesy contents of some of the religious grockle shops in both Walsingham and Rome I wouldn’t put anything past some of the tackier religious artefact manufacturers………..

  5. rozkaveney says:

    I should add that P thinks it is a spoof – I am agnostic.

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