This is mostly relevant to my US friends.

This is a copy of a post from Transgender and I am hopping mad about it.

The Advocate has set up a poll asking if gender identity should be cut out of ENDA. I find it deplorable that they would even ask, but as long as it is up there we should try to overwhelm them with NO votes.

You can also leave comments below the poll as well.

Please repost

May I say in my own right how utterly appalled I am by this? By the idea that the Advocate would even think ditching the trans community and gender expression is even something that should possibly be on the agenda?

And they have stupidly phrased it so that you don’t have the option of saying ‘I would support it out of solidarity with my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters even if they decide to sell me down the fucking river, but afterwards they can bite me.’ I mean, have you stopped beating your husband, Advocate?

Solidarity forever, because otherwise the bastards win.

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10 Responses to This is mostly relevant to my US friends.

  1. jessie_c says:

    Well why not? The assimilationist white cis gay men have been playing that song for the last 30 years and they haven’t got tired of it yet.

    Sometimes I’m too cynical for my own good.

  2. ephemerita says:

    From one of the comments, there isn’t even any evidence that trans-inclusive legislation does any worse.

    I think they might be suggesting it as an option not because it protects their own (relative) privilege, but because oppression is fun.

  3. jennyo says:

    On the plus side, it seems that most people willing to answer the poll think a non-trans-inclusive ENDA is bullshit.

    I mean, for all that I live inside the Beltway now, I still don’t understand its magical power to turn organizations and people stupid, like the HRC and such, to be sure that everyone is offended by one thing and they really, really would be okay otherwise.

    Then you realize it is probably white gay guys in the LGBT movement making this claim and then you realize they miss white guy power and if they believe hard enough, white gay men can be just like all other white gay men as soon as they get their tax breaks for marriage.

    And that’s why you never let rich white guys run anything, even if they are oppressed in some way. You either get ones who want stuff so radical that it’s not gonna happen, or you get the ones who realize that if they make X acceptable, they are back in the good seats. [sorry, cool white guys. but you gotta admit this seems like a good rule of thumb for effective collective action.]

  4. gauroth says:

    I just don’t understand this. I’m a straight, white, practising Anglican Christian and I Do Not Understand why anybody should disregard our fellow human beings no matter whether they are straight or GLBT or whatever?

    None of us is completely, absolutely straight or gay or whatever. None of us. Why does it matter? That’s what gets me. What is the fundamental reason why various people should be revolted (unnecessarily imo) by gays, lesbians, trans people, etc, etc. I know it’s a failing in me that I don’t know much about these matters: but I can at least try to accept people as they see themselves. Or, more accurately, as people. Why am I seemingly in the minority here? What is wrong with other people? it can’t just be the crap peddled by the Daily Mail, can it?


  5. lyrstzha says:

    Thanks for the link; I have gone and voted and given The Advocate a scathing piece of my mind.

  6. wild_irises says:

    I just voted and with 675 votes in, it looks like maybe 10 are for ditching transpeople from ENDA. So they’re still slime to ask, but they’re losing slime.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t blow a stack just yet.

    There was a lot of fuss when the HRC/Barney Frank and Joe Solomonese dumped trans-inclusion form the last version of ENDA 2 years ago. Now that ENDA is coming around again the suspicions will naturally arise that history is to be repeated; remember, on this HRC/BF/JS have a track record of betrayal as long as your arm.

    Much of what I read suggested that genenrally the gay community was horrifed by HRC/Aravosis but there were no figures to support the actual level of support. So maybe the Advocate is performing a serice by testing the views of the community to ensure that if HRC try that trick again we don’t have to listen to Aravosis and his preppy syconphants assuming that most of the gay community share their distate and that “most of the gay community don’t care about trans”. Advocate will have the poll ready and waiting to counter that drivel with facts.

    • Re: Don’t blow a stack just yet.

      No, there was no question at all about this. The people running the ENDA campaign are pretty savvy. They know where things are at in Washington. Barney Frank has even appointed a trans man to his staff. This is just shit stirring by The Advocate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Don’t blow a stack just yet.

        That’s a reasonable view. I cannot remember The Advocate’s position on ENDA trans-exclusion last time so I simply cannot comment on their intent with this.

        However, they don’t have to shit stir with the HRC around. Just cos Barney Frank has appointed a trans man as cover to deflect criticism doesn’t mean that suspicion of HRC intentions are invalid. Their indifference to trans issues is well-documented

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