More on the Kercher murder trial

New Scientist has a piece on the DNA evidence which the prosecution relies on to back their evil threesome torture rape death scenario. It seems the evidence is even slimmer than I thought.


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2 Responses to More on the Kercher murder trial

  1. paulathomas says:

    Yes and no, we didn’t know about the DNA allegedly found on the bra clasp before. Also the report to hand does not say who asked for this report to be prepared and that may have an impact. We also don’t know what the conditions in the Lab were or what precautions taken to avoid cross contamination were.

    Additionally one new fact emerges from the article Kircher’s DNA was found on the blade of the knife but not the handle which is both good and bad for the defence. It is bad because it suggests the possibility that the DNA may have got there by being used to cut her body post mortem.It is good because it suggests that the knife was not the murder weapon, since if it was immediately anti mortem blood would have likely sprayed all over the handle and the hand holding it).

    However DNA should not in general be regarded as a magic bullet either way. DNA can only show the presence at some time. It does not show when that time was.

    Incidentally was it my tweet that pointed you towards New Scientists website?

    • rozkaveney says:

      Yes, it was your tweet – I retweeted it before referring to it here.

      I thought we always knew that Kercher’s DNA was on the blade – the crucial thing does seem to be that whatever the trace is – and it may not be a trace at all – it’s not blood. We knew about the bra clasp – but again the trace, if it is identifiably his which is not guaranteed, is one of several possible traces.

      I think that the fact that they are treating as trace evidence quite thin evidence of such is also pretty important.

      I’m not clear whether these US forensic people are experts called in by the Knoxes – I am assuming not, since the actual trial is over bar closing statements and it would have been useful to have them commenting before this.

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