Well, I saw Avatar

And I am reviewing it for Strange Horizons so won’t be commenting at length here except to say that I have far fewer reservations than I expected from all the vague snark and carping that has been going on. As before in Cameron movies, it draws on SF comprehensively – bits and pieces of a number of famous stories and novels.


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16 Responses to Well, I saw Avatar

  1. sbisson says:

    And a surprising amount of Miyazaki references too…

    (Hometree is a dead ringer for the camphor tree that’s a central piece of Totoro, just to start with.)

  2. badger says:

    I expected to like it less than I did. I look forward to your review.

  3. cathexys says:

    Yup, I felt like there were tons of tropes that seemed all too familiar 🙂

    However, I kept on expecting to hear Colors of the Wind…

    Looking fwd to your review!

  4. x_mass says:

    i waiting till i can get to see it at the bfi imax in 3D

    I’m also planning to see it at a normal theatre in 3D.

    The Imax 3D is theoretically older and less effective than the one used in Vue cinemas

  5. girfan says:

    My LJ friends list had 2 reviews in a row, both from Americans. One loved it so much and gave the reasons why (it made me want to see it) and the other hated it so much it made me wonder if they saw the same film!

  6. peterallison says:

    From reading various reviews, the impression I have is that it is visually stunning, but suffers from a lackluster plot.

    • marypcb says:

      plot smchmot 😉 after we saw it someone referred to it as Dances With Smurfs. But it does rifle through the drawers and cupboards of sf and sf movies (and I count 5 distinct Miyazaki ‘homages’). It’ll be huge.

  7. My hopes were cautiously raised when I learned the name of the mineral/element that was the main reason humanity was there.

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this.

  8. surliminal says:

    For me it was like a cross between every Heinlein juvenile you ever read and a film of Anne McCaffrey’s dragonriders. In other words my teen wet dream. But yeh re plot – (am I allowed spoilers here?) -(will add a few lines)

    you can’t help thinking – and the next day the Terrans sent a ship which dropped a few H Bombs from orbit..:-(

    • marypcb says:

      I kept quoting the line from Aliens (I say we take off and nuke them from orbit). Maybe there will be an even-more-extended version to fill in some of the gaps (how? population density and interbreeding? was that rally a dawning conscience? how did he afford that expensive a desk ornament? explain this ‘impoverished’ economy which still has abundant natural gas? etc) if people will sit for another few hours…

      • surliminal says:

        Heh my friend K said that line too!! I only substituted H bombs cos of course you don’t want it to be too radioactive to collect the fancy mineral! Really, even more cynically, I like the line from Someone that they didn;pt need a white man to save them, they needed some decent civil rights lawyers to claim their mineral rigts 🙂

        Maybe more answers are in the computer game? I must admit I am almost tempted..

        I did love it though. Hell it wasn’t ment to be District 9..

      • marypcb says:

        mineral rights: while we were doing our epic road trip of the american West I was reading Tony Hillerman’s Sinister Pigs, which covered the Bureau of Land Management losing between 4 and 50 billion of oil and mineral rights money owed to native tribes. When we hit New York last week they announced a settlement for a fraction of that. You still need your Dancing with Blueskins white guy with a heart to ensure you collect.

      • surliminal says:

        oh yeh and also how come everyone apparently young and beautiful except the chief and his wife? do they just kill the old or drop dead at 30? what?

        I look forward to the sequel where the dragons, sorry birds-beginning-with-i mate with the wrong people with hilarious consequences 🙂

      • marypcb says:

        and are they all just naturally cool, well-mannered, moral and crime-free? have all the bratty adolescents been walled up in some other tree?

  9. Saw it this morning, have put some early thoughts on my LJ.

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